How to choose a pet

Pets and their importance in the development of children
Probably, at one time any parents are asking a logical question: how to get along in the apartment a small child and a dog and maybe a cat, Guinea pig…

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Feeding the puppy from 1 month to one year: what to feed, when to feed and how much food to feed puppy
Feeding the puppy in the first few days in your house Taking a puppy from a breeder (shelter, home of overexposure — does not matter) be sure to ask what…

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Pets help children with autism
Scientists from France say that the presence of a pet in the family can positively influence the development of social behavior of children with autism. As the authors of the…

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Pets in the kitchen: how to protect and furniture, and animals

With all the joy and love that Pets give us, problems from them too much. You can greatly simplify your life, if you pre-arrange the house so that you don’t survive, and the Pets in it was comfortable. This especially applies to food: do not close the same every time the door so that the pet does not have snuck in this forbidden territory.

The correct choice of materials

The first thing we should start — the choice of durable materials, not to have to live with nibbled and scratched kitchen. For sex the best solution will be slightly rough tile as laminate and other polished surfaces easily there are traces of claws. If the laminate closest to you — choose a figure with the effect of oldness, the flaws will be less noticeable.

Better to paint the walls or make a wide Board from the tiles below because the Wallpaper will appeal to some dogs and rodents, and cats love to sharpen their claws. Wood trim is also at risk to awaken the Pets bad thoughts, but the panels made of artificial materials can be lucky more.

When choosing the material for kitchen furniture should give preference to the surface without gloss and the thick laminate. The facades are made of glass or ceramics and one will be the safest. Handles better, too, to pick out, to avoid temptation to chew. Continue reading

The maintenance and care of goldfish

Gold fish are grown in ponds, under the open sky, in conditions close to the wild. Accordingly, the usual (and essential) a large volume of water. One goldfish should have no less than 30 litres of water.

First of all, goldfish need lots of oxygen.

The water temperature should be between 20 to 25 degrees above already begin to suffer from suffocation. The higher the water temperature the less dissolved oxygen.

Gold fish do not abruptly change the water temperature when inhabit goldfish in the aquarium or when changing water, the water temperature should be approximately the same, for example you bought a goldfish in water of 20 degrees, and in the aquarium you have 25 degrees, it is necessary in the aquarium to cool the water to 20 degrees and then colonize fish. Raise the temperature of the water should gradually, within 3-4 hours.

Water should be clean, separated 2-3 days. The water quality is primarily affected by the feeding. Feeding goldfish can be both special and universal feed. Not goldfish to overfeed, 1 time a week is useful not to feed. If the food left in the aquarium it needs to be removed. Continue reading

Types of pet rodents

There are several species of domestic rodents . which you can keep at home. Learn a little about each of them to make the right choice.

These animals are solitary and must be kept separate from their counterparts. Hamsters are very active animals, so the bigger the cage the better for the rodent. The minimum dwelling size is 30X45. This is a very “budget” animal and at cost, and content, so is suitable for beginners animal lovers. Unfortunately, this kind of rodents live for only 2-3 years.

Guinea pigs . Live long enough compared with other domestic rodents: up to seven years! These animals reach the weight of one and a half pounds and grow in length and 25 centimeters (height and weight depend on the species). They have a very gentle nature, Guinea pigs rarely bite, so it is popular among fans of various rodents. To keep them is also not very expensive.

Mouse . This is the smallest among domestic species, they are very sociable and playful. Mice can be kept in pairs or small groups, for them is also very interesting to watch. Cage for one mouse should not be less than 30×45 inches, but if You have two or more mice, then buy a bigger cage. Continue reading

Grooming Guinea pigs

Grooming Guinea pigs Combing Personal toilet Shorthair and female pigs themselves. Using claws and teeth, they.

If you find a squirrel… First the squirrel, you should warm — it can be your hands, hat, handkerchief, pocket. Even hot water in the bottle next to the

Like a squirrel bite in the nuts a squirrel, for that matter, any other rodent, amazingly durable teeth. In front of the mouth are bent forward.

Protein diet proteins can be safely attributed to the omnivorous rodents, the main part of its diet is a mixture of walnut, there are: hazelnuts (forest PR.

The lack of minerals in the protein Although the menu consists of proteins of plant foods, living in a forest, it eats the eggs of birds, catching lizards and insects. If you will find protein G.

The feast of the red squirrel Historians have made it a rule to consider the Foundation day of the city or town the date of the earliest mention of it in documentary sources.

The squirrel on the home station and in the apartment of a Protein, perhaps, the most undemanding animal, which, under certain conditions, very good foothold on the land next to the DOMO. Continue reading

Pet rodents. Whom to choose?

Hamsters – the most common pet rodents . They can be housed as a pair or one by one. This is a small but very active animal. Despite its small size, the cage for the hamster must be spacious that will give him the opportunity for extensive movement throughout the day. If there is no space for large cells, it is possible to build a spinning wheel. The space it occupies and the opportunity of the movement of the animal increases significantly.

This is a steppe animal, in appearance like rats. They have the muzzle pointed, eyes large convex, well-marked auricles, the coloration of the coat on the back of sandy or brownish; bottom — bright. On different parts of the head can be a bright spot. Hind limbs elongated, developed a very fluffy tail. These features resemble gerbils gerbils. The animal is very active, for the maintenance at home need a relatively large cage. Contain gerbils need pairs or in a group.

Picky Pets. The cage they need a small, they are relatively calm and tame animals. Mouse – typical seed-destroyers. To power these domestic rodents need seeds of wild and cultivated plants. Due to the fact that these pet rodents feed mainly dry food, they have a regular demand for water. A day mice need a minimum of 3 ml of water.The main feature of high fertility. When the content in favorable conditions, the mouse reproduces all year round. This point does not need to be discounted if you plan to host this animal. Continue reading

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